Poll: Is Copyright/Patent Violation Theft?

One issue that I’ve thought about recently is copyright and patent law.  Both subsets of law deal with the same issue of intellectual property.  Within the free market community, there’s a pretty substantial difference of opinion regarding the ethical issues related to intellectual property and related laws.  I’ve developed my own opinion, but I am curious as to what the opinion is of those who read this blog.   I’ve thought about writing a post in IP, but I would like to first gauge my audience…and if enough interest is generated, I will consider writing more about the issue of whether or not IP laws are justified.

Thus, I have constructed a poll.  Please vote, share, and comment with your thoughts!  I say a lot on this blog, but I would like to hear from you on this issue, particularly if you feel strongly one way or the other.  In fact, ideally I would love for this to perhaps spark a (respectful) comment debate if enough people weigh in.


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4 responses to “Poll: Is Copyright/Patent Violation Theft?

  • Patrick Bailey

    Copyright infringement isn’t really the same thing as patent violation, right?

    Downloading a song isn’t exactly the same thing as copying someone’s patented schematics and building a copy of their machine, right?

  • Maribel

    Such a complex subject. My instinct is to distinguish between material property and intellectual property in terms of their properties. So if I steal material property that means I am taking away from someone, only one person can have access at any given time. If I copy an idea this doesn’t really take access away from someone else, scarcity doesn’t apply when dealing with intellectual property. So the argument for intellectual property is mainly a pragmatic one focused on incentives.

  • Fay Uyechi

    If it isn’t “spelled out” with the posting, or whatever, It should be for public perusal and use.

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