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A Muslim that’s Raising the Bar on Modesty

No pun intended.

“Muslim Weightlifter Fights to Protect Her Modesty” at MSNBC News

I admit that I found this article very interesting.   I would say this Muslim woman is a better example of being “set apart” than most Christians are today. Modesty is one area where, I think, Muslims straight up outshine modern Christians anyway. They go waaaaaaaay too far, of course, (and they are still motivated by a wrong worldview) but they don’t compromise on personal modesty when it comes to violating their religion just to be “relevant.” The same can be said for many uber-conservative/puritan-style Christians (who also go way too far in most cases), but they are never guilty of being “of the world.” It’s definitely a more preferable place to be than cultural compromise if you’re forced to choose between the two.

Ultimately, though, there is a way to live in the culture, but to clearly say no when the alternative would be to sacrifice your allegiance to Christ.  If being holy means being “set apart by God,” we Christians need to be more careful about what we let our culture project upon us.

Just a thought for the day.  I’ve been extremely productive lately, but it’s come at the expense of blogging (which is probably a good thing, ultimately).  Nevertheless, I do realize a review of “Love Wins” is still due…have not forgotten that one and hopefully will have something up by the end of the summer.