Celebrating Earth Hour!

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the day when we turn off our lights for an hour! At 8:30 pm, we all need to turn off our lights in order to show our support for the earth.

I know I’m a little late in getting the word out (seeing as how Earth Hour begins in a few minutes), but better late than never.   Since I’m not going to buy gas on March 31st, I figured it would be swell to also restrict my consumption of electricity.  It’s important to remind myself of why society was so much better in the Dark Ages.

Literally.   Ask the North Korean people about what they think about turning the lights off.

The lights are always off in North Korea...perhaps we should follow their economic model?

In other words, I was just kidding about that whole Earth Hour thing.  I plan to keep my lights on once 8:30 pm rolls around. I’ll also keep my laptop plugged in while I listen to some excellent music by the composer, Thomas Bergersen.  And I will also remember how fortunate and blessed I am to live in an economic system which gives me the ability to flip a switch in order to generate light in my room.  And I will pray for the people of North Korea who do not enjoy this same blessing because they live under an evil man who thinks he knows what is best for people other than himself.

Thus, my lights will stay on tonight as an expression of my support for the North Korean people, who live in an endless cycle of Earth Hour.  Enjoy prosperity and freedom to the extent that it remains, Western civilization!  I know I will.


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