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Planned Parenthood: Aiders and Abettors of Sex Trafficking

Live Action, a pro life group that has become well known for its highly effective undercover operations at Planned Parenthood clinics, has just released perhaps its most shocking video yet.  With their most recent undercover footage, Live Action exposes a Planned Parenthood worker aiding and abetting a man who claims to be in charge of a sex trafficking ring.  If that doesn’t expose Planned Parenthood’s filth enough, the undercover pimp makes it very clear several times that this sex trafficking operation sells the services of underage girls.

Without any hesitation, the Planned Parenthood worker does everything within her power to ensure that these girls will be given the services necessary to help this guy run his operation.  She very clearly states she will help him cover up the sticky details to make everything look legitimate.  She does this knowing that he’s running an illegal sex trafficking operation that uses minors to make money off of selling their sexual services.  She even gives him advice for how to make these girls profitable during the weeks after an abortion when they are not healthy enough to offer their “normal services.”

Are you disgusted yet?

Please watch this video and pass it along to other people you know.  Even if they are pro-abortion, they need to see what Planned Parenthood is doing.  First, Live Action documented how Planned Parenthood workers from all over the country systematically lie about not reporting underage rape victims who come to their clinics.  They’ve also documented materials showing how Planned Parenthood workers express vicious racist attitudes toward African-Americans. Additionally, they’ve recorded more undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood workers giving patently false medical advice in order to convince women to go through with abortions.

And now we know that there are Planned Parenthood workers who are readily willing to aid pimps in the sexual enslavement and objectification of young girls.

Again, I ask you to please watch and then share with as many people as you can.